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New pole, new line. Tip for rats nest.

posted Feb 05, 2012 16:11:05 by MIRusticOutdoors
We have all had it happen. You get a new pole or new line and your new line gets rats nest when opening the spool or casting. I have found that if you submerge the spool (not entire reel) under water in your kitchen sink prior to the day you plan fishing helps. This helps soften the line, also when you get out fishing tie on the heaviest sinker your line will hold and drop it down your hole and reel it up. This will stretch the line straight from the coiled position.
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WoodsWise said Feb 16, 2012 19:48:44
Another good method I've found is to rip and tear repeatedly at your spool of line until you become hopelessly entangled from head to toe. At this point simply jump up trip over your chair and shout expletives at exactly 86 decibels for one minute. At this point your stress is gone, and you can simply cut all of your line and toss the offending reel into the hole and grab a new one, then repeat.
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